Ender 3 FFF screen shot

Simplifiy3D Creality Ender 3 FFF Profile

I ended up purchasing Simplify3D and even though it said it was compatible, it did not have a default profile for the Creality Ender 3.  So with the help of Google, I found this file on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fadHuX2wD-Y)


I am not sure why this is so damn hard to find, but here it is.  I hope this helps you as well.



  • ‪Geryes jeryes‬‏ says:

    Thank you very mush, Cura is free but bad at almost everything.

  • RDLudlow says:

    Regarding Simplify3D and Ender 3.
    I have been printing using FlashForge from the start. I bought a Ender 3 and could not upload the profile on S3D? I worked with “support” for 10 days but they refused to get what i was asking for Dumb as a box of rocks? I swear I was working with a robot!! So stupid over there. But….. S3D is the best slicer so far. I ended up using “LulzBot TAZ for the profile and changing the bed size to X233 X Y233 X Z300 (G-gode tab) Bottom line “I love this printer”
    I did some other stuff to make things work better too. Like glass and tubing change.

  • Walt Gillespie says:

    I just bought the SImplify 3D and it did have the Ender 3 profile so they must have added it.
    S3D is far better than Cura. I’ve even had it working through the USB connections so I could monitor the build and all live. Another program install screwed that up and I have to go back an see if I can fix it.

  • Walt Gillespie says:

    It’s in Version 4 as I got it there.

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