ScanTech iReal 2E 3D Scanner

ScanTech iReal 2E 3D scanner has been specially designed for scanning medium- and large-sized objects. The scanner belongs to the second generation of ScanTech equipment The device has been created taking into account the company’s own development and shows maximum productivity in all kinds of user’s tasks.

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ScanTech iReal 2E works on the technology of scanning with safe infrared light VCSEL. No need to attach markers to the surface of the object can significantly speed up the work process. The scanner is equipped with an intelligent function of automatic alignment to the geometry of the object or to its color.

The impressive speed of the scanner (1,500,000 measurements per second) with 100 µm accuracy allows any task to be completed quickly. Large and medium-sized parts are handled comfortably with the 850x800mm scan bed.

Invisible infrared light scanning makes it possible to capture quality scans of a person’s face.

The unit comes with the original scanning software to work with the scanner. Convenient data exporting formats allow for easy transition to 3D scan editing.

Advanced features and algorithms, user-friendly software, ergonomic design and portable design make scanning quick and comfortable.

Advantages of the ScanTech iReal 2E 3D Scanner

A versatile device with the ability to capture color textures allows you to solve scanning tasks in a variety of areas. The iReal 2E can be used in medicine, energy, VR-reality creation, culture, art and education. Simple operation and user-friendly user interface make working with the device comfortable.

ScanTech iReal 2E features

  • Large scanning area 850×800 mm;
  • high scanning speed;
  • Invisible IR-light scanning technology;
  • Automatic positioning system;
  • compact dimensions.
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