ScanTech KSCAN-Magic 3D Scanner

ScanTech KSCAN-Magic is a professional 3D-scanning system focused on high-precision digitization of large objects. It is equipped with two types of lasers (blue and red) and provides data accuracy up to 0,02 mm. ScanTech KSCAN-Magic perfectly copes with difficult surface geometry, works with pitches up to 925 mm. Can be equipped with a photogrammetry system or a portable K-Probe CMM.

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Four 3D scanning modes for any task
– Super-fast scanning – 11 crosshairs of blue lasers working.
– High resolution mode – 7 parallel lines of blue lasers operating. Resolution up to 0.01 mm.
– Large area scanning mode – 11 parallel lines of infrared lasers are working.
– Large hole and recess scanning mode – one additional line of blue laser.

Fast 3D scanning of large objects

Infrared laser mode allows the ScanTech KSCAN-Magic to scan large areas in minimal time. Efficiency is achieved with 41 laser lines and scanning speeds of up to 1,350,000 measurements per second.

With four scanning modes, ScanTech KSCAN-Magic can be used for a wide variety of digitizing, quality control and reverse-engineering tasks. It is suitable for 3D scanning large (cars, large parts) and medium-sized objects. Simple mode switching provides the operator with speed or accuracy in capturing geometry data.

Compatibility with CMM and photogrammetry
The KSCAN-Magic 3D Scanner Series can be used with measuring machines and photogrammetry To acquire data on hard-to-reach or complex surfaces, the 3D scanner can be equipped with a portable K-Probe CMM to acquire correct 3D data when scanning holes, planes, edges, etc. With the help of the photogrammetry system the scanning area can be significantly increased.

ScanTech KSCAN-Magic is widely used in manufacturing industries. For example, in technological cycles of high-precision aluminum die casting, which can have many geometries and small details. The 3D scanner provides scanning accuracy up to 0.020 mm with a volume error of 0.030 mm/m, providing ultra-precise control for the aerospace industry.

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