CreatBot DX 3D printer

For printing large models in educational institutions, laboratories, workshops of engineers and designers and other places it will be very convenient to use the desktop model of CreatBot DX 3D printer (

The printer is equipped with a high-temperature printing unit, which allows you to reach temperatures of 350 degrees Celsius. This significantly expands the choice of materials for printing, at the moment this is almost all that are on the market. The printer is equipped with two print heads, and if necessary, their number can be increased to three.

The body of the printer is made entirely of cast all-metal body, which significantly prolongs the life of this model, and also contributes to a more stable position during printing. The printers have been in production for over 5 years now and the first models are still running successfully.

The printing area of the printer is 300*250*300 mm, which allows you to produce models of large size without separating them into constituent elements.

The developers have also taken care of the smart stuffing of CreatBot DX 3D printer. It has a smart system that allows you to continue printing from the same place if there is a sudden loss of power. It also has an end-of-filament sensor and pauses the process until a new spool is installed.

The heating platform is made of a special glass-ceramic material that can heat up to 120 degrees Celsius. This allows you to use a huge variety of materials in the work, even with high rates of shrinkage.

The printer has a color touch screen for ease of use and setup. The interface is intuitive, and importantly, the printer has the ability to use USB drives, not just SD cards.

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