Delta WASP industrial X 4070 ( boasts a massive build volume capable of printing large functional prototypes using various technical materials. This delta WASP industrial 4070 has an extensive print area capable of creating parts from various materials making it suitable for industrial use like aerospace, automotive as well as medical.

Utilize the ingenious insulation of the thermal and acoustic to control the temperature of the building chamber and maintain your materials at the optimal temperature. The chamber can be heated to 70 degrees while maintaining the hardware and electronics within the printer sufficiently cool to allow for safely, so that the Delta WASP is ideal for any industrial workshop.


Key Features

Dual extrudersDual extruder Printing in two colors and two different materials. The increased torque and filament pressure ensures a consistent extrusion with even higher speeds. Additionally, you can the new continuous printing option, which means the machine will switch to the other extruder’s nozzle once it detects that the current one is running out, so that your piece will never be incomplete.

Automated bed touch systemThe newand innovative technology will ensure that the extruder stays clear of collision with the plate thus avoiding damage to costly parts.

Remote Monitoring and Control connect to WIFI for monitoring the machine and control of the printer from your tablet, smartphone or laptop. Make use of the camera on board to view the live build from all devices remotely.

Interactive InterfaceImproved user interface that includes a larger touchscreen GUI.

Contact WASP technicians. WASP technicians If you experience issues with your machine, WASP technicians are able to work remotely to resolve the problem and get you back in production.

Thermal Insulation A specially designed internal heating chambers allow you to control and monitor the temperature of the building chamber to 70 ° while maintaining the machine’s mechanics and electrical components at a secure steady operating temperature. This allows you to attain the best material properties to make more efficient prototypes and parts.

Example Applications

Large scale industrial prototypes



Medical prototypes

Functional prototypes

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