Creatbot F430

Creatbot F430 is capable of growing products up to 400*300*300 mm in size. Supporting printing with engineering and refractory plastics, the F430 allows engineers and industrial designers to produce functional prototypes, production tooling and small batches of final products in the shortest possible time.
Key Features
Creatbot F430 ( is an all-in-one solution for prototyping, prototyping and production of critical products from refractory plastics. The main advantages of 3d-printer are:

  • Large print area – 400*300*300 mm
  • High quality printing – minimum layer thickness is 0.04 mm.
  • Wide choice of plastics – PLA, ABS, TPU, PA, PA GF, PA CF, PC, PEEK
  • Reliability – F430 able to work 24/7

High temperature extruder
The Creatbot F430 is equipped with two extruders. One print unit heats up to 260°C and is used for printing PLA, ABS, TPU PC, PA, PA CF plastics. The second extruder can be heated up to 420°C, which makes it possible to work with refractory polymers PEEK and ULTEM.

High quality and speed of printing
CREATBOT engineers paid special attention to the design of the plastics feeding system in the extruder as well as the accuracy of the rail guides. In this way the risk of blockages on the printing unit was minimized, and the high speed of the printer and the quality of the finished product were achieved.

Layer thickness – up to 0.04 mm
Print speed – up to 120 mm/sec

Robust design
The body of F430 is made entirely of steel, which not only ensures stable printing results, but also extends the life of the equipment. The first Creatbot 3d printers lasted nine years with over 30,000 hours of operation.

Fully insulated working chamber with active heating function
The Creatbot F430’s chamber is heated to 70°C, allowing the machine to work with engineering-grade polymers. The active heating function prevents shrinkage and other deformations of the growing models.

The printer’s securely insulated enclosure protects the working area from any environmental influences, and also greatly reduces the noise level produced.

Glass ceramic work platform
The F430, like the chamber of the machine, is equipped with a heater function and can reach temperatures of up to 120°C. The heated platform ensures that the first layer of the model stays firmly in place, minimizing the risk of rejected prints. The glass ceramic coating protects the worktop from distortion due to temperature fluctuations.

Automatic worktable calibration
In order to get quality and accurate printing results, the working platform of the 3d printer must be properly calibrated. The Creatbot F430 aligns the table automatically, without operator intervention. In addition, during the process, the machine monitors the level of the platform on 25 points and adjusts its height if necessary.

Keeping track of current print results
In case of an emergency, such as a power failure, the F430 will remember where it stopped the work and will continue after the troubleshooting. 3D-printer is also equipped with a sensor for controlling the filament – if the plastic thread runs out, the machine will recognize it and pause.

Intuitive interface
The F430 has a touch screen with all the commands you need – start printing, auto-calibrate the platform, emergency stop, etc. The clever navigation structure makes the interface easy for the operator to operate.

Air filtration system
F430 filters protect the environment from harmful fumes and vapors produced during the plastic melting process. This allows the 3d printer to be placed even in an office or student laboratory.

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