Autoscan DS-EX Shining 3D Dental Scanner

The state-of-the-art optical scanner features an open design and modular structure that will allow it to be effortlessly upgraded to a newer and more functional model in the future.

The AutoScan-DS-EX ( supports all existing scanning modes:

  • Scanning of plaster models and single stamps – 8 pcs.
  • Scan in the articulator
  • Texture scanning
  • Scanning of casts of any complexity.

With revolutionary technology, the AutoScan-DS-EX 3D scanner allows for scanning and post-design workflow on multiple computers within a local area network. This saves time and enhances the efficiency of both the clinic and the dental laboratory.

Cutting-edge design based on open architecture, with scope for future upgrading. Compact size and weight make the scanner easy to place in any size laboratory.

The large set of accessories included will make the scanning process extremely easy and efficient.


  • Compact size and ultra-modern design
  • Modular structure for future upgrading
  • Open file system allows working with any CAD program
  • All necessary scanning protocols
  • full range of accessories


Scanning technology – structured light
Camera resolution – 1.3 megapixel
Scanning precision – <15 microns
Working area – 100x100x75 mm
Scanning time
– model in bite – 13 sec
-Upper/lower jaw – 30 sec.
-1-8 stamps – 30 sec
-Scanning of an impression – 90 sec.
File format – STL, OBJ
Interface – USB3.0
Dimensions – 260x270x420 mm
Weight – 5 kg
AutoScan-DS-EX scanner
Multi-die platform
Platforms for mounting plaster models, with lock -2 pcs.
Platform for scanning in the articulator
Platform for scanning molds
Calibration kit
Cable set for power supply and computer connection.
Model and Stamp Mounting Material Packing
Optical Cleaning Cloth
Scanning software media (perpetual license)
Dongle key for scanner operation

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