EinScan Pro HD – High-precision handheld 3D scanner

The EinScan Pro HD (https://top3dshop.com/blog/shining-einscan-pro-hd-3d-scanner-review) is a lightweight handheld 3D scanner with high accuracy and scanning speed. This model inherits all the best features of the EinScan Pro series from the Chinese manufacturer Shining 3D.

The user-friendly controls and intuitive ExScan Pro software make this scanner a versatile and multi-functional tool in the hands of beginners and experienced users alike.

With a minimum point-to-point distance of 0.2 mm, the EinScan Pro HD allows scanning of small objects up to 20 cm and maintains its shape and sharpness.

The modular design of the device allows the user to extend the functionality when needed. A tripod and turntable from the Industrial Pack (optional) can be used for more precise scanning. The scanner also supports color scanning with the Color Pack module (optional).

The EinScan Pro HD comes with Solid Edge design and engineering software. The joint development of Shining 3D and Siemens PLM Software includes reverse engineering, generative design and simulation functionality as well as CAD tools.


Education: in the process of learning to work with 3D models in educational institutions.
Design and Art: production of souvenir and artistic products, preparing models for printing on a 3D printer, reverse-engineering.
Digital industry: animation, CG, VR and AR (virtual and augmented reality).
Archiving and sharing: digital 3D archiving, data sharing.
Medicine: scanning people and body parts.

Advantages of

Lightweight and compact design make the scanner truly portable and allows you to take it anywhere.
New hardware-programmable light projection algorithm for scanning dark and metallic objects.
The professional ExScan Pro software with a full set of tools to work with the resulting 3D-model.
Powerful modeling software from Siemens: Solid Edge allows achieving high efficiency 3D modeling in various fields. Users can use source files in *DWG and *DXF formats for project development.
New modular system of light-projection scans the image in the form of strips both when working in fixed mode and in the mode of manual HD-scanning.
High precision scanning in fixed mode (up to 0.04 mm) and manual mode (up to 0.045 mm) thanks to the optimized image processing algorithm and the minimum dot spacing of 0.2 mm.
The USB 3.0 interface enables high-speed data transfer even when scanning objects with complex shapes and many details.
In fixed mode, the EinScan Pro HD requires less than 0.5 seconds for a single frame. In manual scanning mode, scanning speeds of up to 3 million dots per second are possible.
The scanner can be used outdoors after being protected from direct sunlight.

Scanning modes

  • Manual scan;
  • Manual HD Scan;
  • Fixed tripod scanning (optional);
  • Automatic scanning with a turntable (optional).
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