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In recent years, 3D scanning technology has rapidly become more affordable and accessible, leading to new technologies and equipment on the market. One of the manufacturers leading the development of 3D scanning technology is Shining 3D.


Shining 3D has introduced a device that greatly expands the scope of 3D scanning by combining two different light sources in its latest Shining 3D EinScan HX scanner (

The hybrid light source provides fast 3D scanning through a combination of LED light and laser scanning mode, with the latter being less sensitive to ambient light and working better on reflective and dark surfaces.

According to Shining 3D, the EinScan HX is a high-performance, easy-to-use and portable 3D scanner that can be used on a wide range of materials to meet a variety of user needs.

And by and large the reps don’t lie, the EinScan HX really does deliver everything they say it does. The first thing that catches the eye, so to speak, is portability. I took it and started scanning. The ergonomics are great and it is easy to operate the scanner with one hand.

For a very reasonable price, the EinScan HX 3D scanner makes scanning of industrial quality much more accessible.

Laser and LEDs

Other scanners may face limitations on some materials and applications, these points depend on the light source used in the scanner. The Shining 3D EinScan HX solves this problem by using two light sources, a blue laser and an LED. This hybrid light solution allows the scanner to be used for a wider range of objects and allows it to scan black or reflective surfaces.

Along with two light sources, the EinScan HX has two corresponding scan modes – accelerated scanning and laser scanning. During accelerated scanning, blue LEDs are used, this mode allows for quick scans without marker preparation. During laser scanning mode, the blue laser comes into play. Less sensitive to ambient light, laser scanning provides better performance when scanning reflective, dark and colored surfaces. Multiple blue laser crosses in laser scan mode ensure proper detection of reflective surfaces.

In addition to two different scanning modes, the built-in texture camera supports full-color data acquisition, allowing the EinScan HX to simultaneously capture high-quality surface data and excellent color details of objects. With the built-in color camera, the scanner supports full-color texture acquisition as well as texture capture and tracking.

High speed and accuracy

The scanner can scan most objects within minutes. The EinScan HX can scan up to 1,200,000 points per second at 20 fps in Quick Scan Mode and up to 480,000 points per second in Laser Scan Mode at 55 fps. With a minimum point spacing of 0.05 mm in laser scanning mode, the scanner can achieve an accuracy of 0.04 mm, which meets most industrial application requirements.

Seamless scanning

During scanning you can move the scanner as well as the object being scanned, because the EinScan HX provides a seamless scan of any object. The scanner software is able to compensate for small movements of the object or person during scanning.


Despite its capabilities and professional application, the EinScan HX has a “plug-and-play” design and user-friendly software that makes it noticeably easy to use for both beginners and experts in 3D scanning.

The 3D scanner comes with Solid Edge and Geomagic Essentials software. Geomagic Essentials is a user-friendly and easy-to-use software for transferring 3D scanning results to the most popular computer-aided design systems.

Solid Edge is a powerful 3D design tool. It offers a comprehensive approach and can be used at any stage of the work.

Both programs are adapted for use with EinScan HX and will help you in all phases of your work. But Geomagic Essential comes at a extra cost.

Along with network connectivity, the EinScan HX has an ergonomic design for comfortable scanning. The EinScan weighs only 710g and is more than enough to carry with you for extended periods of time.

Built-in Color Camera: Yes
Camera frame rate: 55 fps
Working distance: 470mm
Connectivity: USB 3.0

Light Source: Blue LED
Safety: LED light (eye safe)
Scanning Precision: Up to 0.05mm
Volumetric accuracy: 0.05+0.1mm/m
Scanning and Alignment Speed: 1,200,000 dots/s, 20 frames per second
Alignment Modes: Marker Alignment, Item Alignment, Hybrid Alignment, Texture Alignment
Depth of field: 200-700mm
Maximum FOV: 420 x 440 mm
Distance between points: 0.25-3mm
Texture scanning: Yes

Light source: 7 blue laser crosses
Safety: CLASS I (eye safe)
Scanning Precision: Up to 0.4mm
Volumetric accuracy: 0.04+0.06mm/m
Scanning and Alignment Speed: 480,000 dots/s, 55 frames per second
Alignment Modes: Alignment by Markers
Depth of field: 350-610 mm
Maximum FOV: 380 x 400 mm
Distance between points: 0.5-3 mm

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