Shining 3D EinScan Pro HD Red bundle

The portable, lightweight and compact Einscan Pro HD 3D scanner is designed for scanning objects of all sizes. The scanner is highly accurate and fast, so you can quickly get digital models of large parts.

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The minimum distance between points of 0.2 mm makes it possible to scan small objects up to 20 cm in size. With the help of a special algorithm the image is clear and accurately reproduces all the peculiarities of form.

The scanner’s speed is especially noteworthy. The equipment processes up to 3 million points per second in manual mode and spends only 0.5 s per frame in stationary mode.
The Einscan Pro HD 3D scanner can even be used outdoors. If all requirements for protection from direct sunlight and moisture are met, the device can be used for outdoor work and scanning of architectural monuments.

To optimize the device the manufacturer has equipped its scanners with the original ExScan Pro software for comfortable and fast processing of the data obtained.

The manufacturer took care to customize the equipment for each activity. The standard package includes Solid Edge design software.

The RED bundle makes the scanner easy and convenient to use in production. The RED bundle comes with the optional Industrial Pack, which includes a turntable and tripod for static fixation of the device. The Industrial Pack allows you to scan objects up to 20 cm in size with high precision and detail. The turntable gives you an excellent grip on all sides of the object.

Also included in the RED bundle is special software Solid Edge, and a joint development of Shining 3D and 3D Systems Geomagic Essentials. Modern software allows you to export the data from scans into CAD for further modeling. Such software is suitable for organizing a full cycle of additive manufacturing in an enterprise.

Advantages of Einscan Pro HD

Highly accurate scanner with the ability to create digital copies of small objects finds its application in engineering, reverse engineering, import substitution. The easy to operate, accurate device allows you to scan parts of different sizes in a short time.

Features of Einscan Pro HD:

  • Scanning dark and metallic surfaces;
  • High accuracy;
  • Fast data transfer via USB 3.0;
  • Low weight and size;
  • Optional equipment kit;
  • Original Software.
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