Creatbot F160-PEEK is a professional industrial 3D printer

Creatbot F160-PEEK is a professional industrial 3D printer designed specifically for printing PEEK engineering plastic with an extrusion temperature of 420 C°. A direct-drive, high-temperature extruder and a fully enclosed thermal chamber have been designed to handle these plastics.

The printer is ideal for producing parts and finished functional objects with high strength, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and high wear resistance. F160-PEEK ( is used in aerospace, electronics, medical, engineering, automotive and other industries.

Wide range of materials for printing, including PEEK engineering plastics

The printer is equipped with a metal extruder with a hot-end heated from 260 C° (default) to 420 C°. This allows you to choose almost any material to work with (ABS, PLA, carbon fiber, decorative plastics, Nylon, PC, PTEG, TPU, PVA), as well as PEEK used in industry.

The direct drive of the plastic facilitates the feeding and the printing process itself.

High speed and precision printing

CreatBot has developed an extrusion system and guides that allow printing at speeds up to 120 mm/sec while maintaining build accuracy down to 0.04 mm. This system allows the filament to be extruded evenly without clogging the extruder.

Printing stability

F160-PEEK has a fully enclosed steel body with doors to remove the finished sample.

The one-piece metal body and cast aluminum moving parts ensure printing stability, the complete absence of any vibrations when loaded, and a significantly extended life span of the printer. For example, the first batch of CreatBot 3D printers lasted 5 years and more than 8000 hours of active work.

The fully enclosed thermal chamber creates a constant temperature inside the printer, which has a positive effect on models made of plastics that are sensitive to temperature variations in the environment.

Stopping and Resuming Printing

When power is turned off, the printer automatically remembers where it stopped and resumes when power comes back on. All you have to do is lower the platform and remove the filament. When the filament runs out, the system will warn you and stop printing incorrectly.

Printing Stability

Simple, user-friendly touch screen
You can use the 4.3-inch color touch screen on the top front of the printer to control printing. The location of the screen, plus the simple interface, basic one-touch setup (one button for printing, one button for heating) make it easy to control printing.

In addition, a USB port can be used to connect to a computer.

Heated Platform

The printing platform consists of three parts: an aluminum printing platform that heats up to 130 C° rather quickly, a metal support structure, and a Buildtak aluminum platform sticker. The stickers ensure better adhesion of the first layer, so the model does not deform during printing.

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