Raise3D PRO2 is a 3D printer

The Raise3D PRO2 is a 3D printer suitable for small-scale production and 3D printing farms.
The main features and benefits of the Raise3D Pro2 3D printer (https://top3dshop.com/product/raise3d-pro2-3d-printer):

More accurate printing

Superior quality and detail thanks to intelligent kinematics and interchangeable nozzles with different diameters.
For the highest level of detail, the 0.2 mm nozzle is the right size.
The minimum layer thickness is 0.01 mm.
X/Y positioning accuracy is 0.0125 mm.

Large plotting area:

When printing with 2 extruders: 280 x 305 x 300 mm
when printing with 1 extruder: 305 x 305 x 300 mm

– Wide range of materials (due to extruder heating up to 300℃):

– Dual extruder with electronic lifting drive for more convenient and high-quality printing with two materials simultaneously.
Less than 1 second to switch between extruders.
Lifting height is 1.5 mm.

– User-friendly interface:
7-inch touch screen with visual full-color interface.
Quick view, full control of all 3D printing parameters and display of the printing process.
Next-generation print resume system – saving print results in the event of a power outage.

– Wireless printing control through the originalMaker software.
All of the most essential functions for working with the printer.

– Position control with industrial-grade components and standalone motor driver (400MHz ARM Cortex-M7 32bit RISC FPU).
Control system with 256 microsteps.

– Extruder with optical filament end sensor.
Better filament grip without slippage will ensure more reliable printing.

– Air filter for safe printing.
Absorbs more than 91% of harmful substances.

– Upgraded platform of advanced materials for long life, even heat distribution and good adhesion.

– Built-in online video camera to monitor the 3D printing process.

– High-quality optical end sensors.

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