Russian Anisoprint 3D Printers: Made in Luxembourg

Anisoprint, a Skolkovo resident and developer of 3D printing technology with continuous fiber reinforced polymers, has opened a new production facility in Luxembourg, close to its headquarters.

Anisoprint can be considered a direct competitor of the American company Markforged, specializing in the development and production of relatively compact additive systems combining FDM 3D printing with continuous fiber reinforcement technologies.

Anisoprint has its own line of similar 3D printers called Composer, which prints polymers with simultaneous laying of carbon or glass fiber, including basalt fiber. In parallel, the company is working on industrial additive systems, starting with the ProM IS 500 3D printer.

In 2018, Anisoprint moved its headquarters to Luxembourg with the expectation of tapping the European market. Assembly was initially conducted in Germany, but last year a Moscow-based contract manufacturer of mechatronics, robotics, and medical equipment, TEN fab, joined the production of 3D printers. Anisoprint explained this decision by the problems associated with the pandemic. Now the products of this company have another label: Made in Luxembourg.

According to the press service of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the company has already shipped its first batch of locally made 3D printers. The new production facility, now its own, is located next door to the headquarters. Whether this means a complete rejection of contract manufacturing remains to be seen.

Fedor Antonov, founder and CEO of Anisoprint, commented: “Since the start of production in 2018, we’ve been constantly searching for the ideal manufacturing solution, trying to find a balance between quality, proximity to customers, logistics and delivery times, predictability and cost. After careful consideration of every option and location, we decided to open our own production facility in Luxembourg, close to our headquarters. We stopped at nothing in our search for the best production solution and professionals willing to put their experience into further improving the quality of the equipment we produce to meet our customers’ expectations”.

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