Sinterit Lisa 3D printer

Sinterit Lisa – one of the most affordable of all cheap SLS 3D printers from the start-up company from Poland, which costs many times cheaper than the industrial equipment from famous brands, but in no way inferior to him.

The printer’s print head is equipped with a 5 Watt diode laser. It has its own system with a microcomputer for autonomous wireless printing. The touch screen display and internal camera allow you to control all processes – from cleaning the laser to the construction of the next layer.

A special feature of this printer is the possibility of simultaneous printing of several models, including the creation of complex objects that are not connected to each other or, for example, nested one into another. In addition, the absence of product supports significantly saves resources, time and space in the working chamber.

The device works with polyamide and rubber-like material, allowing the production of strong, flexible and heat-resistant products. It uses powder for operation, and leftovers can be reused.

The printer is compact in size compared to industrial models of this type, and features an unusual stylish modern design.


  • 5-watt diode laser.
  • Microcomputer.
  • Inner chamber.
  • Simultaneous printing of several products.
  • No support for model building.
  • Reuse of powder.
  • No special preparation required.
  • Automatic calibration.
  • Compact size.
  • Availability.

Types of printing material:
Sinterit Lisa uses PA12 and Flexa Black powder materials for production.

PA12 Smooth is a polyamide powder with 20-100 µm granulation. The dark gray smooth material is suitable for printing detailed objects, rigid and extremely resistant to adverse conditions, especially temperature. Its mechanical strength and temperature resistance make it an ideal material for functional prototypes or parts for end use.

Flexa Black is a black rubber-like material based on polyurethane elastomer. Products made of it are elastic and flexible, while being very tear-resistant. That is why this powder is widely used in the manufacture of parts where rubber properties are required.

Applications Sinterit Lisa:
3D printer Sinterit Lisa ( has a small size and sufficient for a wide range of works of construction camera. Because of the economy and affordability of this model can be used for mass production of small elements in various industries, because it has a high productivity:

  1. Industry – making lighter and stronger, heat-resistant parts and components for a variety of applications;
  2. Jewelry and souvenir design – printing fine decorative elements with fine detailing;
  3. Research and science – the small size and weight make this printer ideal for use in various research laboratories.

Interface/Software Features:

Operation of the printer is simple and intuitive, and the interface is conveniently organized. Workflows are controlled via a 4″ touch screen display. Layouts are transferred wirelessly via Wi-Fi connection. Files in STL, OBJ, FBX, 3DS formats are supported.

The printer is equipped with its own microcomputer and can work completely independently. Lisa uses Sinterit Studio 2016, a proprietary software developed by the manufacturer.

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